Artist-Photographer Nathalie Ampleman

Nathalie Ampleman-1COATICOOK: The Beaulne Museum is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Impermanence and Illusion with artist/photographer Nathalie Ampleman (June 9 to August 4, 2013). The vernissage took place on Sunday, June 9.

As an experienced photographer, Nathalie Ampleman has explored for several years the little practiced techniques of photographic printing such as bichromate gum and cyanotype. This artist proposes to us, through a singular visual universe, thoughts on the theme of impermanency and illusion. Perhaps similar to what we experience waking up from a dream, her work demonstrates an imprint where landscapes, humans and the animal kingdom interpret our perception of reality. The concept combines reflection and theory, a cloud of pigmented silence ... an autonomous symbolic presence where the pictorial material, its own printing techniques, brings us back to the importance of the creative process.

“Impermanency is a Buddhist concept easy to understand. All that exists is subjected to change, nothing is stable. All that surrounds us is constantly changing. Everything is born, grows and dies.”

Nathalie Ampleman originally lived in Montreal but has lived in the Cantons-de-l’Est for the last 7 years. With photography and artistic training experience, she is currently exploring different techniques in creating photographic prints. She was recently elected member of the CALQ for her project “Empreinte résiduelle”. An emerging artist, she offers us pictorial compositions filled with allegories. Her work, which is connected as closely to impressionist art as that of photography, has a surprising visual result. Inspired by her life and sometimes marked by references from the history of art, urban landscapes, people and animals, she delivers an interesting experience.