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Author: Jacynthe Le Bourget Date: 2011-10-05 Region: Les Sources

Regional Park at Mont Ham still on trackIf all continues according to the original plan, the MRC des Sources should receive the results of two important studies within the framework of the Mont Ham regional park project, which will make it possible to finalize the installation and management provisional plan in October and to present the project of regional park to the population at a special public information meeting in November.

The results of the first study should allow a better knowledge of fauna in the forest sector of Ham, whereas those of the second deals with the economic repercussions and the maximization of the regional park project.

“The file is advancing well. We have three (3), parallel studies which will enable us to deposit the provisional plan for installation and management near the ministry for municipal Businesses, the Areas and the Occupation of the territory is that which will emit the authorization for the creation of the park”, explained Mr. Rachid El Idrissi, Director- general and Secretary-Treasurer for the MRC des Sources.

While waiting, the MRC des Sources continues moving forward, presenting the project to certain partners. This is how the members of the Board of Directors of the local Center for development (CLD) des Sources learned of the project. During the next few weeks, the la Corporation de développement communautaire des Sources, along with the CLD des Sources and other partners will also be able to express their comments on the project.

“The creation of a regional park is a process which could last several years”, reiterated El Idrissi, in particular because it requires the realization of relevant and essential studies to confirm the guidelines of the project, obtaining the authorizations necessary and the availability of investment funds. However, all is being done according to the original schedule”.

The implication of the MRC in the development of this recreo-tourist attraction of Mont Ham goes back much farther than yesterday. Indeed, the first Diagram of this installation of the MRC in 1985 established like priority the adjustment of infrastructures of reception to Mont Ham in order to make it available to the unit from the population from the MRC and the visitors. The declaration of intent of the MRC des Sources in the creation of the regional Park of the Mont Ham stated on November 28, 2007 falls under the continuity of the actions of the MRC, allowing the regional voice to be expressed for many years.

It is under the terms of the capacities which are conferred by article 112 of the Law on municipal competences (L.R.Q., C. C-47.1), that the MRC des Sources announced, by resolution, its intention to create a regional park around Mont Ham, the Forêt de Ham and Lac à la Truite (Trout Lake) so that this area is better protected and restored, while being more accessible for recreo-touristic activities. Various stages have been reached since that time, including the realization of preliminary studies such as the two public consultations in Ham-South (September 16, 2008 and March 3, 2009). These consultations were a chance for the population and the various speakers to express their views on the project. These opinions were taken into by the advisory committee and made it possible for the project to evolve.


Photo: Rachid El Idrissi, Director General and Secretary-Treasurer of the MRC des Sources, Director General of CLD des Sources and M. Hugues Grimard, Prefect for the MRC and Mayor of Asbestos and President of the CLD des Sources