Beaulne Museum: Harris and Tremblay

JeanCOATICOOK: The Beaulne Museum in Coaticook is proud to show the exhibition Mandalas presented by artist painter Jean Harris - February 03 to March 10, 2013. Jean Harris is a mixed media artist, living in Stanstead whose work is inspired by nature and her personal imagination. Her paintings are full of colour and texture and engage the viewer on many levels. She worked for many years as a traditional painter, but through experimentation has adopted a mixed media approach to produce richly layered results.

Harris has attended many art courses and workshops and has participated in group and solo exhibitions. In 2003, she received first prize at the annual competition at La Maison des Arts Saint-Faustin with over 100 artists participating.

Mandalas: meaning ‘sacred circle’ in Sanskrit, are universal, timeless images which can be found all over the world. Although she has often included circles in her paintings, this project of creating traditional, structured mandalas was quite a departure from her past work. She found that the process of creating these images far surpassed the finished work in importance and, for her, was a very satisfying experience.

The Beaulne Museum is also pleased to be presenting the exhibition Émulsion nocturne, by artist Sandra Tremblay - February 3 to March 31, 2013. Sandra Tremblay is from Lac-St-Jean. She completed a BFA at Laval University in 2002 and currently specializes in painting and printmaking. She is a Townshipper since 2007.

The main idea of the present approach is based on a work ethic attempting a reflection-awareness on the lifestyle of today's society and consumerism (impact on poverty, the environment, women's rights). The result is illustrated by the reinforcement of creation through art, a playful vision of daily life in an urban setting. It is a reconciliation of the contemporary human being with nature and its composition, its organization.

beaulne Émulsion nocturne: The paintings in the collection have been created with the intention of honoring these cultural sites in the Eastern Townships, places that are meaningful to the type of artist she is. These visits to the museums, theatres, and events in constant evolution and vibrancy affected her. As major figures in our cultural landscape, their grandiose architecture reflects the artistic past and present of this region. A quick glance at the rail and textile industries reveals a vast importance in the development of the Eastern Townships. These paintings were recently created in the summer of 2011. This project earned her a scholarship from the Quebec Arts Council and the Regional Conference of Elected Representatives of the Eastern Townships. She is thankful to these two organizations for their support.

The Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, and the City of Coaticook financially support the Beaulne Museum of Coaticook.

Special thanks go to the Caisse Peopulaire Desjardins des Verts-Sommets de l’Estrie for their financial contribution.

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