Agro-alimentary GMO Forum

ForumOGM2013SHERBROOKE: On March 15, 2013, the first GMO Agro-alimentary Forum will take place in the Julien-Ducharme Center (Sherbrooke). This forum on agro-alimentary shifts caused by GMO (genetically modified organisms), organized by Les AmiEs de la Terre de l’Estrie, with Andre Nault at the helm. This daylong event (8:30a.m.- 4 p.m.) is being organized by Jean-Claude Thibault. Also attending will be Pierre Morency, President of CREE (Regional Council of the Environment for Estrie). This citizen forum is open to agricultural producers, citizens and scientists – an ideal platform to discuss ideas and files in progress which touch on the agro-alimentary effects of GMO and the consequences on our immediate environment resulting from this process, “on rural communities, animal and human health”. The legal aspect relating to contracts which label farmers as “promoters of the transgenic seeds” will be also evaluated.

Adverse effects of GMO on the environment will be revealed and analyzed by Laurier Busque, Ph.D. Scientific and technological reports/ratios will be explained by Michel Bégin, Ph.D., virologist and Louise Vandelac, Ph.D., sociologist, Director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences at UQAM, CRIIGEN researcher, Caen University (France), creator of the film “La main basse sur les genes (A true look at genetics)”, evoking all the social repercussions of GMOs. Over the last few years, the concerns of the citizen/consumers, vis-a-vis the threat of GMOs, have been steadily increasing, explaining the dramatic growth of bio-purchasing in supermarkets and other grocery stores and the rejuvenation of purchasing local products without GMO.

nouveaulogocouleurAlso on the agenda will be a follow-up of a complaint which was deposited by André Nault, on February 22, 2012, to the Canadian Agency of Food Inspection concerning BT corn for human consumption stating that there is obvious scientific proof against the safety of such a ruling.

La Filière Bio du Québec, under its manager Alain Rioux, and Vigilance OGM, assisted by President Christine Gingras (agronomist), will take this opportunity to inform the public about the dangers of GMO on bio production. Technological threats with negative impacts are sometimes difficult to measure. For others, like Pierre Bolduc - bio-producer for the Fromagerie de la Station; Michel Brien - dairy producer; Marc Chiasson - fruit farmer; Jean-Pierre Chapeleau, bee-keeper and Serge Beauvais –crop farmer, it will be the decisive day, enabling them to make their final choice. Adding to this subject, Kenny Samson - Juripop private clinic, will explain, in detail, the contents of a standard contract for GMO seeding. The summary of the day will be made by Claire Bolduc, president de Solidarité rurale.

Information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 819-562-4413

Tickets for the Event are $30 @ which includes the buffet