Salon des Affaires ESPE 2013

salon des affaires 2013 logoSHERROOKE: The 2nd Salon des Affaires ESPE will be held on November 21-22, at the l'Hôtellerie Jardins de Ville (Sherbrooke), with Carl Blanchet acting as Honorary President. Blanchet is Corporate Director of business development at Cascades (Photo 2), with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Laval University and a Masters in Administration from the University of Sherbrooke. His case, in particular, makes a point by underlining the important contribution of SME (small business), in the evolutionary chain of larger companies: “SME can quickly be transformed into larger companies”.

You may recall that the Salon des Affaires ESPE owes its existence to Line Martin, CEO of Coordination LMG, who, from the beginning, wanted to create this event, with the aim of offering all interested companies an increased visibility for the effective communication of experience and development of such businesses, both at the local and regional level. It should also be noted that the green profile and “eco-friendly nature” of the Salon respects standard BNQ regulations as to durable development and the environment. These 3RV-E touch on reduction at the source, the re-use, recycling, composting and to the importance of sorting, and proper disposal of items from our everyday lives…

The 2013 edition of the Salon des Affaires ESPE will give a greater focus on companies that are just starting up, via the Salon des Affaires website, offering various themes on the six key points of interest: development of the business, employment, environment, formation, health salon des affaires 2013 -1and technological support. The first edition, in 2012, was deemed a real success as far a-field as Montreal; which could have had the direct and significant result in the increase in arrival of companies from the city region, and the number of participants which last year was 19 regular participants and 16 temporary ones. By accentuating the impact on SME, the Salon des Affaires ESPE offers an opportunity to develop and discuss their respective projects, in a climate of support and fruitful exchanges. These businesses are often left to themselves, with heavy timelines and complicated financial difficulties to manage.

For Line Martin, SMEs need to help and complement one another, within their diversified fields of competence. Carl Blanchet feels that “one can help advance the other and it is a win-win situation”. Workshops and conferences will also be presented at the Salon, with seven experienced speakers, among who will be Frantz Cator,

Information: or 819-340-1978

Photo and logo: Courtesy of the Salon des Affaires ESPE