Trace ta Voie (Making Your Way)!!

Dominic and AnaisMAGOG: The CJE Memphrémagog has established a little more than 15 years of experience in helping those from 16 to 35 years of age to find their way through the job market, offering a variety of services to those residing in the MRC of Memphremagog. Their latest promotional campaign is geared toward making people aware of these services and how one can best benefit from their expertise.

“The CJE is launching a large promotion campaign in the area entitled: Trace ta Voie (Making your Way)! When setting up this campaign, it was very important for us to work with real people and not just buy the rights to photographs for our posters. This is why we have enlisted the aid of two people, Dominic Bruneau and Anaïs Renaud, who are already clients within the CJE program and will add a more personal touch to promotional literature and all the visual concepts that we are launching today,” noted Director Josée Boily.

The slogan Trace ta Voie! refers to the services of the CJE: you can easily find your way, on any level of employment, orientation, as an entrepreneur or through the many projects offered by the CJE. This particular promotional campaign includes a completely revamped website, a new visual identity, a corporate video, radio publicity clips with NRJ, posters, new fliers and a new, improved Facebook page.

A contest has also been launched that will see one lucky 16-35 year-old participant winning an Ipad, by filling out the form in the proper section of Hit List de

Both Dominic and Anaïs agree that it has been quite a ride. When first approached, they were a little surprised but jumped into the experience with both feet: 400 photos later, videos created, lots of new friendships and contacts forged and their faces appearing on many posters and fliers all over the region. Their lives and certainly their confidence in themselves have definitely changed for the better.

Jose BoilyAnaïs Renaud is a biologist who moved here from Montreal, a perfect example of many of the young people who are looking for work in the Estrie area. When asked why she decided to move to Magog, she told of her appreciation of the country/city aspect of the area, offering the best of both worlds. She is also comfortable speaking both French and English which is definitely an asset in this tourist region. She has found work just 4 miles from Magog, in her chosen field doing a job that she is most qualified to handle. She is very appreciative of the assistance that she has received from the CJE.

Thanks to a new agreement with Pacific Marketing, the CJE is confident that their new message will be heard. Previously, they had relied on a “word of mouth” concept to spread the news. All of these exciting new elements have been created with lots of colour and enthusiasm. The website is much more user friendly. Clients can easily find models of CVs, job offers, videos, check out the blog, discover several useful links, access to social networks and, of course, lots of information on services offered by the CJE. The main goal of this campaign is to remind the population that all CJE services are free and geared toward those 16 to 35 years of age. “At the CJE, I feel surrounded by specialized people. I appreciate the complete, diversified and easy access service. It is easy to obtain appointments and the structure of the programs is effective and stimulating in our search for employment,” added Dominic Bruneau.

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