Support for Sports Events and Tourism

sporting tourismMAGOG: Thanks to the support of Orford Deputy Pierre Reid and the CLD of Memphremagog, an experimental project has been launched to create more support for regional tourism in the field of sports, the benefits of such an effort lies in resonating new funds throughout the MRC de Memphremagog. The details of this initiative were revealed at a press conference held recently in Magog which brought together the representatives of the MRC, the CLD (tourism branch), organizers of sporting events, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Magog-Orford as well as local dignitaries.

“Over the last few years, the Memphremagog region has become a destination of choice for sporting events which bring together thousands of topnotch athletes and large numbers of sports enthusiasts, and this is not restricted to any one particular season,” explained Pierre Reid, Deputy of Orford, “This represents a new tourist market created by people who enjoy the quality of life that our area has to offer. Working to accommodate these particular visitors and make them feel welcome will encourage them to return to the area year after year to experience this same adrenalin-filled high.

The Deputy of Orford had given $5000 in financial support of this project, joining with the MRC and the CLD to provide the financial resources to support the drafting of ‘info-letters’ and the design of a calendar of events which will be available through the tourism website, These tools answer two of the goals of the group: provide a list of local events and attractions to present to athletes who come from outside the area; to be able to offer businesses, hotel owners and restaurant owners a calendar of upcoming competitions allowing them to plan in advance of targeted promotions. 

“We are looking for a formula which creates a win-win situation for everyone involved”, explained Jacques Marcoux, president of the CLD and Maire of the Canton of Potton, “A win for visitors who will be able to benefit fully from their experience in our region and a win for our businesses who will be better able to accommodate the visitors, enticing them to plan a return visit. We hope that the results will be rather conclusive so that this pilot project will become a permanent plan of action.”

Jacques Marcoux -MRC In addition, a special committee for sporting tourism was established a few months ago under the leadership of Deputy Reid. Representatives of the CLD, la Ville de Magog and, obviously, organizers of sporting events are part of this committee. Topics being discussed include public safety, the environment, emergency services, municipal services and the requirements for road signs, all issues designed to facilitate the lives of the organizers.

“Organizers are often confronted with difficulties which arise in the last minutes preceding our events. Being able to benefit from existing channels of communication, we will be able to meet with key people and discuss these problems together to decrease the consequences caused by them. In this way, all the organizers will benefit from this preventative measure and our visitors will be better supervised and protected during our events”, added Christian Vachon, spokesman for the group and organizer of the Memphrémagog Relay.

The promoters of this initiative also underlined the major economic windfalls generated by organized sporting events in the MRC of Memphrémagog. Tens of thousands of dollars could very well find their way into our region to support local programs dealing with health care, the success of our schools and programs for the less fortunate.