Beaulne Museum: Trades of Yesterday

collection BolducCOATICOOK: The Museum Beaulne de Coaticook is pleased to present the exhibition “Trades of Yesterday - The Bolduc Collection”, until June 16, 2013. This presentation is based on a review of the olden trades practiced in the local area, by means of well-researched naïve sculptures.

Several subjects are highlighted: means of transport (transport of wood and cotton, car racing cars, oxen–driven plough, horse-drawn carriages, coaches, hearse, etc; characters such as the gladiator, the cowboy, the milkman, the ice vendor, the logger, etc; the harvest of the products from the farm and the establishments which include the bakery, the blacksmith shop, etc. In its entirety, some forty sculptures are representative of an immense amount of work by Lucien Bolduc.

Lucien Bolduc was born in 1916 in Lambton in the Province from Quebec. He is the fourth child in a family of thirteen. At a young age, he began working full-time as a farm labourer, a log-driver, a lumberjack on forestry developments, as a carpenter in the construction trade and finally as day-laborer in a textile factory in the Town of Magog. In 1976 at age of 60, Lucien Bolduc decides to take his retirement.

Since his youth, Bolduc had always liked to make sculptures, thus occupying his moments of leisure in creating all kinds of objects with his pocket knife. Being an imaginative and talented observer by nature, his work has been the subject of many newspaper articles and television reports.

The Beaulne Museum is financially supported by the Ministry for Culture, Communications and the Status of Women as well as la Ville de Coaticook. Special thanks to the Caisse Populaire Desjardins des Verts-Sommets de l’Estrie for its financial contribution.

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