NDP MP Rousseau Speaks Out

MP Jean RousseauOTTAWA — NDP MP Jean Rousseau, upon hearing the new Federal Budget, feels that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has forgotten his promise to do more to reduce unemployment and help families make ends meet, offering no solutions to the economic and social problems affecting regions under Rousseau`s jurisdiction, or elsewhere for that matter.

“This budget does not reflect the reality of Compton-Stanstead’s employment situation” said MP Jean Rousseau. “It’s very disappointing. Many vital sectors of our regional economy are still being forgotten by this Conservative government” .

Last year, the Conservatives predicted economic growth, which never came to be. They overestimated growth figures by more than 35% and were unable to contain the current deficit, which has reached a record 67 billion dollars. Economists now predict that this year will be even worse.

“Harper doesn’t listen to anyone and is abandoning Quebec. He is attacking pensions, health care and employment insurance, and fails to see the dangers threatening our economy,” said deputy Finance critic, Guy Caron.

Concerning infrastructure, the NPD makes it clear that federal funding in this matter is far from adequate. “The deficit in funding for infrastructure has risen to $123 billion,” emphasized Guy Caron. “Cities are in need of stable and predictable funding in order to properly plan their local construction and maintenance projects. The Conservatives are governing with their insiders in mind, and ignoring the priorities of millions of Canadians.”


SHERBROOKE - MP Jean Rousseau,  for the riding of Compton-Stanstead marked The Fight Against Racism by reiterating the NDP’s commitment to fight against all forms of racism and discrimination. MP Rousseau notes that we still hear about a few situations of discrimination in our region, regarding jobs in particular.

“We must fight against all forms of discrimination. In all pluralistic societies, racism is unacceptable. As a MP, this conviction is deep-rooted for me” says MP Rousseau.

“I would like to emphasize the importance of this particular week, March 18-23, dedicated to combating all forms of racial discrimination,” added Sadia Groguhé, New Democrat critic for Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, “This week is an opportunity to reflect on the state of our society, promote exchanges between communities and raise public awareness of our inclusive and pluralistic values.”

The Fight Against Racism was established in March 2000 by six human rights organizations in Quebec. This week is part of annual events aimed at highlighting the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21.