FOREMAN GALLERY: 15th Graduating Fine Arts Students' Exhibition

grad showLENNOXVILLE: The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is proud to present the fifteenth annual Graduating Fine Arts Student Exhibition, until April 6. This year’s graduating student exhibition celebrates the creative energies of Bishop’s University students. The exhibition features works in photography, painting, sculpture, print-media, performance and installation by nine graduating Fine Arts students who explore concepts of design and identity.

Complementing this year’s show, The Mitre 2012-2013, Bishop’s University’s literary journal (the oldest in Canada!), was launched on the same night as the opening reception. This year’s issue includes an array of cultural creations by students at Bishop’s University.

The Foreman Gallery would like to thank the Vice-Principal of Academics, the Dean of the Faculty of Art and Sciences, the Dean of Student Affairs, Desjardins-Caisse de l’est de Sherbrooke as well as all of the volunteers for their generous support of this exhibition.

For more information: 819.822.9600, ext. 2260 or

Foreman Art Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and all evenings of presentations at Centennial Theater


Artists : Amelie-Maude Bergeron, Leigh Crooks, Penny Cromwell, Maiqi Zhang, Mel Hattie, Cecilia Bracmort, Amélie Choquette, Céline Dionne, Hao Luo