Studio Georgeville Celebrates Its Latest Exhibition

By Farzin FarzanehGEORGEVILLE: The latest spring exhibition to be held at Studio Georgeville will feature the works of Gabrielle Castonguay, Farzin Farzaneh and Caroline George. The official vernissage is scheduled for Saturday, April 6 (1-3p.m.). The exhibition will continue until May 5, 2013.

“I created this exhibition to pay homage to some great women who, through their courage and talent, not only contributed wonderful creations to the world of art, but also paved the way for all the creative women who followed. I wanted to explore the history of some strong and independent individuals who were successful in their field and to capture a sense of their spirits through portraits” explained artist Caroline George.

She continued on to note that portraits are a traditional method of representing an individual. The 12 paintings on display are of courageous and creative women who succeeded in a field traditionally dominated by men.

“It was tremendously rewarding to research the lives of these pivotal artists and to portray them in a traditional confine with a contemporary view. I use the semi-transparent veil as a convention to create a Caroline Georgedistance of age and time between image and the viewer. When I’m working, I focus on the composition, form and colour, more than the subject itself. But it’s this very focus on technique and materials which frees up the artistic process. It is the discipline of controlling the technical craft that enables me to inject the interpretation and emotion into the creative process,” added Ms George.

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Photos courtesy of Studio Georgeville: 1) artwork by Farzin Farzaneh// 2) artwork by Caroline George


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