MAGOG - Creating a Vision

Mayor Vicki May HammMAGOG: Within the framework of the project to revitalize the downtown area, la Ville de Magog, in collaboration with la Fondation Rues Principales, invites the population to a special meeting of information and public consultation, to give citizens, tradesmen and representatives of organizations an opportunity to express themselves on their vision of the development of the downtown area.

The meeting will take place Wednesday, April 17, at 7 p.m., in the l’Espace culturel de Magog (Magog Cultural Center (90, rue Saint-David). This event represents an important step in the revitalization process referred to as “Opération constats (Operation Findings)”. This process consists of two days of public and individual consultations with local people which will enable a portrait of the economical physical and organizational situation of the downtown area to be drawn up. April 16 will be devoted to meetings with selected individuals. The results of these consultations will be announced at Wednesday night’s meeting which will be animated by professionals from la Fondation Rues Principales.

The objective of this event is to validate and present the remarks and recommendations gathered from the exchanges of April 16 and to listen to proposals from Magog residents, all of which will be used as the foundation for the development plan for the revitalization of the downtown area.

“The presence, the participation and the mobilization of the community are essential for this first step towards the revitalization of this key sector of the city”, noted Magog Mayor Vicki May Hamm, “We want to attract a large number of people, because I am certain that all Magog residents have a crowd of ideas floating around in their heads on how to improve the downtown area and we would like to hear them”.

Diane M. Fournier, Councilor and President of the ‘Revitalization of the Downtown sector’ committee, hoteldevillewebconfirms: “Clear signs of interest were demonstrated at the launching of this project, an event that took place on March 13, when nearly 80 people were in attendance. The ‘Operation Findings’ represents the seal of our commitment to go forward with the revitalization of Magog’s downtown sector”.

People interested in taking part in the public consultation on April 17 must register before April 15 by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or by contacting 819-843-7106, ext. 537.