12,000 rain barrels

Celebrez Journee de la TerreESTRIE: Le Fonds Éco IGA will be making available almost 12,000 barrels, designed to recuperate rainwater, throughout Quebec this summer. 70 of these barrels will be available to clients of each IGA store taking part, announced on .

Within the framework of the program Clé en main, le Fonds Éco IGA will be offering these barrels at the cost of $30 each. Since these numbers are limited, a drawing will be carried out in order to determine who among all the registered people will be able to take one of these barrels home. A confirmation email will be sent to you at least two weeks before the date of distribution.

The rainwater recuperation barrels, a concrete tool for preserving water. Drinking water is an invaluable resource, often used for uses not requiring a quality water source. These barrels make it possible to make reductions in the water treatment system, by providing water for uses such as gardening and external cleaning. Initially used for the conservation of olives, we are able to find a second use for these 200 liter barrels, making it possible to recover on average 4.800 liters, in only one summer.

Baril VV photo web1“The conditions of dryness that were seen last summer showed the importance of the stakes surrounding our water supply. Thanks to the distribution of almost 12,000 barrels, we bring a concrete solution to the table and take part in the safeguarding of such an important resource”, mentioned Pierre Lussier, Vice-President of Earth Day in Quebec.

Les Fonds Éco IGA, managed by the Quebec Earth Day organization, wants to be seen as a prominent force for the durable development of Quebec communities. It works to finance projects which answer concretely the realities of this medium and which are geared toward the protection, the conservation and the valorization of the environment in a durable way. Since its creation in June 2008, les Fonds Éco IGA has financed more than 500 projects throughout Quebec.