Stanstead: Celebrate with us

Rmi GirardSTANSTEAD: The Town of Stanstead, in partnership with Tourism Stanstead, wants to invite you to a special viewing of the francophone television show “La Petite Séduction” which was filmed last September in Stanstead. The show will be aired on May 1st at 8p.m on Radio-Canada.

The public is invited to arrive at the Pat Burns Arena around 7p.m. so that they can share in the energy of this festive gathering and enjoy the same music and animation that had delighted many of the participants of the film shoot itself. Many of you may recall a visit last fall by well-known actor and comedian in the québécois realm Rémi Girard and the television crew from “La Petite Séduction” that had the town of Stanstead a-buzz.

The premise of this particular episode of the show was to entice Rémi Girard and their audiences to want to visit Stanstead and to learn a little about its history. The goal proposed to organizers of this unique visit was to highlight and align certain aspects of Girard`s visit with life experiences and treasures that he, himself, holds dear, within the context of a television show to be aired in the spring.

Girard has many diversified interests, including his love of old radios, performing arts of all kinds and the Dany Turcottehistorical aspects of any given region and a long career in the film and television industry.The collaboration of all the volunteers who participated in this production will be celebrated just before the live broadcast of the show on a big screen television and various other monitors.Many of them are looking forward to seeing the visit in its entirety as most were preoccupied with their individual part, causing them to miss out on learning about the rest of Girard’s visit.

“Citizens have greatly collaborated to achieve the realization of this televised show, and we would like to thank them”, said Stanstead Mayor Philippe Dutil.

DG Guillaume Labbé wanted to remind the public that everyone is welcome to attend this special event. Admission is free and refreshments will be sold on site.

The Pat Burns Arena is located at 27 rue Pat Burns in Stanstead.