Financial Assistance x 2

Minister-laine-ZakaibSHERBROOKE: Élaine Zakaïb, Minister for Industrial Policy and the Bank of Economic Development for Quebec, was accompanied by Sherbrooke Deputy Serge Cardin, as she confirmed financial aid for two innovative projects in Sherbrooke. $25,000 has been allotted to Gestion SOCPRA for a project designed to assist companies in regard to intellectual property, a project valued at $100,000. The second financial contribution of $284,000 was awarded to Groupe IXTROM in support of a project designed to increase their window of opportunity within the world of technology, a project valued at $700,000.

“Our government is here to support the implementation of innovative projects like those of Gestion SOCPRA and Group IXTROM, throughout Quebec. We are also happy to support projects which open the region’s technological window”, affirmed Élaine Zakaïb, “In order to improve our effectiveness in the areas of economic development and, especially, to simplify the life of our entrepreneurs, we recently filed a bill creating the Bank of Economic Development of Quebec. This is an important step toward economic prosperity, in support of improvement projects, innovative projects and, especially, those which create employment.”

“Sherbrooke is one of the most dynamic cities of Quebec from an economic point of view. It has developed an essential growing momentum that is impossible to ignore, where the intellectual community and the manufacturing sector develop in harmony”, Serge Cardin underlined. “The projects presented today show, without a doubt, Sherbrooke’s economic vitality and its force behind innovation research. I am pleased by this government contribution and I congratulate Gestion SOCPRA and Group IXTROM for the implementation on their projects, which will lead to a strong and positive future for the region. ”

Gestion SOCPRA

ban socpraSince 2007, Gestion SOCPRA offers management services of intellectual property related to the research results by the University of Sherbrooke and its affiliated establishments, in an effort to create advancement in the area of technologies. Within the framework of its project, the organization offers a valuable service to the companies established on the Estrie region. Gestion SOCPRA targets, in particular, the companies who are members of Sherbrooke Innopole and those taking part in the ACCORD project of the Quebec government, based on areas of excellence within the region. Two files are under development within this organization and three others are currently being analyzed.

“To find a place where companies can have access to a resource specializing in intellectual property can sometimes be difficult”, declared Josée Fortin, President/ General Manager of Gestion SOCPRA, “The companies which develop innovating technologies also have a great need for council for the protection of this intellectual property. Gestion SOCPRA can assist and contribute substantially to the success of their innovation process. I welcome the participation of Sherbrooke Innopole and that of the Quebec government in this promising project. ”

“At a time when companies must innovate to distinguish themselves, they will benefit, thanks to this project, from this privileged access to resources and council relating to intellectual property”, Pierre Bélanger, General Manager of Sherbrooke Innopole noted, “This new service from SOCPRA will also support the marketing of the innovations from here, whether it is via their transfer towards existing companies or through the creation of new companies within key markets.”


logo headSince 2009, Groupe IXTROM has specialized in the design of decision-making software and coordination of interventions aimed at ensuring better analysis of risk management and emergency situations. The project consists in establishing IXGMAS m2 software so that the Director-General of Civic Safety and Fire Protection of the Ministry of Public Safety may see the possibilities that can be made available. This software will allow, in particular, the Ministry and its partners to manage alerts more effectively, to evaluate the level of risk and to answer these emergencies in an optimal way.

“Our vision is to become a leader in the design of decision-making software in the management of emergency situations, in real time”, informed Soledad Recatala, President of the Groupe IXTROM, “We develop innovative, unique software on the world market, being able to interact in a convivial way with the complex technological environment that faces our customers. This system, on the technological scene, is a platform which makes it possible to communicate without Internet or telephone network at the time of critical situations. The installation of our software within the Ministry of Public Safety will raise awareness of our company at the government level and within organizations in the public sector. »