Groupe Domax Receives Funding

Groupe Domax - MagogMAGOG: On behalf of Élaine Zakaïb - the Minister in charge of Industrial Policy and The Bank of Economic Development of Quebec, Sherbrooke MP Serge Cardin announced a non-refundable financial assistance package of more than $324,000 to Groupe Domax de Sherbrooke, which specializes in the design of ‘the intelligent carwash’. This financial aid will support the showcasing of this technological realization, valued at almost $1.2 million, demonstrating the functionalities of a new intelligent concept of carwash, at the location of a Magog partner.

“The Groupe Domax belongs to the group of young innovative companies and visionaries who contribute to the economic development of our regions and the development of Quebec entrepreneurship”, commented MP Cardin, “Quebec needs their contribution to thrive and continue to be distinguished as one of the more innovative and competitive society’s in the world. It is with a great pride that we support the efforts of this dynamic and talented team which has developed an innovative product by taking into account environmental issues. ”

Groupe Domax designed a self-supporting carwash, with its own system of recovery, filtration and used water treatment. This is the first type of carwash to completely re-use the water recovered on the ground and to maximize the use of rainwater. In an industry where each car wash requires approximately 300 liters of water, this new concept of carwash constitutes a more ecological solution. This innovation also has automatic controls making it possible to save on heating and lighting during the less busy periods.

“The economic vision of our government for Quebec is based on the principles of sustainable development as well as regional growth and entrepreneurship”, Deputy Minister Élaine Zakaïb noted, “Our government is proud to encourage entrepreneurial projects which take into account current environmental concerns. It is with this in mind that we are working to put in place, coming this fall, a powerful lever for economic development: the Bank of Economic Development of Quebec. This will respond to the needs of entrepreneurs and will build on the strengths of each one within our regions.” 

“Our innovative carwash recycles the totality of the water which falls on the ground during the washing process. It also stores rainwater and uses it as the primary supply source”, underlined Maxime Surprenant - co-founder of Groupe Domax, “Our concept is different from traditional carwashes and makes it possible for the customers to experience a new concept, thanks in particular to its eco-responsible aspects and the incomparable quality of the carwash itself. This funding from the Quebec government will help us introduce our innovative technology to the world market. ”