Lac Brome holds public consultations

LacBromelogoLAC BROME: Just one meeting left!! The Municipal Council of the Town of Brome Lake wants to make you aware that there is only one more scheduled meeting left (June 17 at 7 p.m.) for the public to take part in open consultations on the next municipal master plan. A master plan is the framework surrounding the planning and development of the territory of a municipality. This is a very important management tool for local authorities and the community since it defines how the territory of a municipality will be developed over the coming years.

For these reasons, your participation in the public consultation is vital, since this master plan deals with the organization of our community on a daily basis. You have just one opportunity left to give your opinions on the development of your municipality in the years to come. If you have something to say, be at the municipal meeting at Ovide-Dagenais Hall, 25 Taylor Rd (Foster) on June 17, 2013 (7p.m.)

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