Pierre Reid - 10 years in political life

PierreReidreceives2aMAGOG: “For the last ten years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my parliamentary work in the Quebec National Assembly. Representing the citizens of the Orford riding for this past decade has been a true honor for me, an honor which I would like to share with the people of my district for a few more years,” remarked Orford Deputy Pierre Reid, filled with humility at the thought of the recent motion by the Quebec National Assembly, underlining his 10 years of political life.

Elected for the first time on April 14, 2003, Pierre Reid obtained the majority support of the voters of Orford riding, in subsequent elections of 2007, 2008 and the latest one held in September 2012. Named Minister of Education in the first cabinet of Premier Jean Charest, Deputy Reid assumed this ministerial responsibility until February 2005, upon becoming Minister for Governmental Services. He held and still holds the position of President of the Liberal Caucus Deputies of Estrie. He is also the current spokesman for the official Opposition responsible for research and innovation. The former vice-chancellor of the University of Sherbrooke feels that he has been able and continues to be able to fulfill his parliamentary obligations without neglecting his personal and family life. Reid says he feels honored to count himself among the 125 deputies of the Quebec National Assembly.

“It has been said that time passes quickly and this is true. Nevertheless, these last 10 years have allowed me to assist in several achievements for the benefit of people of the Orford riding, including one clear improvement to the health care in the Memphrémagog hospital complex, which has seen several major expansions and a new emergency department being built, not including more beds for long-term care and an increase in home-care services. I am proud to say that the citizens of Memphrémagog have witnessed a substantial increase in their public services”, commented Deputy Reid.

The new Magog library and major work at the Centre d’arts Orford, not to mention projects carried out in other municipalities within the riding all demonstrate Pierre Reid’s steadfast support for the cultural scene. The major investments carried out for the Centre Sportif La Ruche (new swimming pool and new synthetic playing field), as well as the construction of the Arena Pat Burns in Stanstead testify unarguably to the level of support given by the Deputy of Orford to encourage physical activity. 

“I am always impassioned by my work and I want to continue to serve the citizens of the Orford riding This is why, in the current context of a minority government, I prepare for any possibility, including, of course, that of an early election in the coming spring. I would like to add a few years to this decade of representing the population of the Orford riding in the Quebec National Assembly”, added Deputy Reid.


Photos: Jacques Chagnon (President of the National Assembly of Quebec) and Orford Deputy Pierre Reid