Investment of more than $1.5M

ville windsor logoWINDSOR: On behalf of Minister Élaine Zakaïb - Minister for Industrial Policy and the Economic Development of Quebec, Minister Réjean Hébert (Minister for Health and Social Services, Minister responsible for Seniors, Minister responsible for the Estrie region and Deputy of MRC Saint-François), confirmed, a non-refundable financial assistance of $100,000 with the Papiers Couchés Atlantic (Windsor Paper Products) for the realization of an investment project valued at more than $1.5 M.

This financial support made it possible for the company to acquire additional extrusion equipment which enables, in particular, the design of new products in packing and the diversification of its markets. With the realization of this project, Papiers Couchés Atlantic increases its output to meet the growing needs in promising sectors such as food packing.

“Papiers Couchés Atlantic represents one of the most important employers in the municipality of Windsor region”, Minister Hébert pointed out, “With this new scale of project, the company created six new jobs, in addition to supporting about fifty existing jobs in the area. We are particularly proud to support this type of strategy for growth which contributes to the prosperity of Estrie as a whole. ”

“To be distinguished and conquer new markets, the manufacturing companies must focus on innovation and increasing their productivity”, added Deputy Minister Élaine Zakaïb, “Papiers Couchés Atlantic included/understood the importance of this strategy and decided to take up the challenge. For our government, it is important to support such contractors who dare to be innovative. Thus, we will be able to ensure the economic prosperity of Quebec. ”

Papiers Couchés Atlantic is a manufacturing company specializing in the conversion of paper and the manufacture of laminated and pressed products by extrusion. Various products are intended for packing in the medical and food field as well as the building materials sector.

“Thanks to the acquisition of equipment at the height of technology, our company is ensured its competitiveness in a rapidly growing market”, added Sylvain Jutras, Vice-President of Operations, “The government of Quebec supports the growth of our company, which thus diversifies the production with an aim of increasing our possibilities of export.”