Verbom Inc. - $120,000 in Subsidies

Dr. Rejean HebertLAWRENCEVILLE: The Minister for Health and Social services, Minister responsible for Seniors, Minister responsible for the Estrie region and Deputy for Saint-François - Dr. Réjean Hébert announced a non-refundable financial package of $120,000, on behalf of the Minister for Industrial Policy and the Bank of Economic Development of Quebec, Élaine Zakaïb, to be given to Verbom Inc. for the realization of an investment project worth almost $925,000 designed to improve its productivity and maintain its competitiveness on international markets.

Verbom mainly manufactures punches and dies out of aluminum which are used for series production. The majority of its products, intended for the car industry, are exported. To be able to reduce the weight of the parts while preserving their solidity, without increasing production costs would provide a crucial advantage. This project includes the design and manufacture of a single hydraulic press devoted to the thermo-formation of aluminum, an innovating technology developed by Verbom. This press, with a capacity for 3,000 tons, can manufacture parts which measure up to 4.5 meters in length and 2 meters in width. The parts can take very complex forms, offering an excellent mechanical resistance while being lighter, also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GES).

“Thanks to this very capacity to innovate, this company will be able to remain competitive and increase its share in the wider market. Verbom contributes greatly to the dynamism and economic vitality of the Estrie region”, Réjean Hébert declared, “The project announced today testifies to the passion and determination of the entire Verbom team to remain competitive and powerful, while answering the current need for environmental protection and improving safety in the environmental field. Our government is therefore proud to join this large-scale project which reinforces the position of Quebec among the companies considered to be some of the most avant-gardes”.

“Verbom is a good example of a dynamic manufacturing company which makes technological innovation the key to its success”, underlined Élaine Zakaïb, “With this project aiming at manufacturing an improved product while increasing the productivity of the company, Verbom consolidates its positioning on international markets and contributes to the expansion of Québécois expertise.”

Founded in 1978, Verbom is recognized for its capacity to adapt to the needs of a market that is constantly changing, while building on the expertise of its own team and the design of new technologies. This process of thermo-formation enables it to offer innovative solutions to the transport sector - an excellent example of the level of its expertise. Its customers are mainly in North America and Europe. 

“The search for and development of new technologies occupy a paramount place in the strategic growth of our company”, indicated Nicolas Bombardier - Director of Research and Development for Verbom, “Thanks to the support of the government of Quebec, we will be able to increase our activities, to conquer new markets, particularly the aerospace and wind markets, and to maintain our reputation of excellence in regard to our customers. »