Peace of Mind x 2

2013 Heros en 30STANSTEAD: Receiving a letter from the Municipality usually causes a twinge of anxiety at the thought of another bill being added to your monthly budget. These thoughts quickly subside as the contents of the envelope reveal a card acknowledging your participation in ‘Héros en 30’ (‘Heroes in 30’ minutes) course which was held as part of the 1st Salon Santé et Securité de Stanstead, held in late May 2013 at the Pat Burns Arena. This event was held as a collaborative effort between the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Estrie H30 Team and the Stanstead Ambulance Service.

The 1st Salon Santé et Securité de Stanstead proved to be a very well-organized event highlighting not only the ‘Héros en 30’ CPR course but also various organizations that offer services to the Stanstead and surrounding communities. There were tables representing the Stanstead and Magog Fire Departments (explaining prevention and safety issues in the home), CAB Rediker Center (providing info about available services), Bouchées Collectifs (collective cooking program), Ambulance Stanstead representatives (explaining CPR for babies among other important issues), SQ Sergeant Patrice Grégoire (“Patrice, la Police” to the young people in the area) who offered fingerprinting of young children, or foot-printing of infants for emergency recognition and explained other safety issues involving residents of all ages. Pharmacie Chantal 2013 -heros en 30 - 2aRichard representatives explained how important it was to take the prescribed medication and how to use it properly. There were plenty of leaflets to go around of all kinds so that everyone could take them home and share with others.

The most important information that organizers hoped would be shared was how to give CPR, without hesitation, if the occasion should arise. It was interesting to see the variation in ages of participants signed up for the Héros en 30’ CPR course. Stanstead Ambulance technician Justin Dewey took the lead in demonstrating the proper procedure to use. He made it clear that anyone could learn CPR -- sure, someone who is under 12 might not manage this important lifesaving technique in the same way, or in as effective a way maybe as someone who is 30 years old but Dewey stressed several times that there is no wrong way to do so. What is important is to start the CPR as soon as possible once you have established that a person is not breathing. Every few minutes count. It was also interesting to learn that you don’t always have to alternate the chest compressions with breathing into the mouth as many of us had previously been taught – doing only the compressions can still be very effective.

2013 -Heros en 30 - 3a The very presence of Dr. Wayne Smith, Head of Emergency Services in Estrie, added even more weight to the importance of knowing about CPR and understanding the proper way to administer it. As EMT Dewey outlined the steps, Dr. Smith moved around the room assisting participants in the correct methods. How and when to use the ‘Heimlich Maneuver’ to help a person who is choking was also explained as was how to use the new AED life-saving machines that are appearing more and more often in communities. Stanstead is proud to say that there are now 13 AEDs located within its region, thanks to the Stanstead Ambulance Service who initiated this valuable program. More than 200 people signed up to take the CPR training.