Letter to the Ministry of Transport

Reid - 4 CANTON D’ORFORD: The population of the municipality of the Canton d’Orford was shaken by the road accident which occurred on Monday morning, August 19, on route 220, in which three young people from the same family suffered serious injuries, coming very close to losing their very lives.

Numerous people think of the municipality of Orford as being the southern part of the region, close to highway 10. But the municipality actually covers a much broader territory, including significant residential developments in its northern part, which are connected to the southern part of the municipality by means of regional roads. This is the case with route 220.

These residents, a group which includes many young drivers, are obliged to travel on these regional roads, confronted daily with roads more dangerous than those who live in other less decentralized municipalities. It is with these young people in mind that I feel it is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that certain sections of our regional roads are heavily used by young residents and those who are not so young, to carry out their normal daily lives.

I will not take up your time with discussions of the numerous solutions that have already been proposed to avoid a repetition of accidents like the one that has just occurred. My experience with the Ministry for Transport in our area has demonstrated the competence and reliabilities of the studies carried out by our public officials and you are urged to analyze these suggestions and any others that would prevent such events from reoccurring in the future. I am also aware that the budgets of the ministry play an important part in your decision-making process.

I would like to urge you and, if necessary, would be willing to assist you in approaching the Minister of Transport so that we can count on road modifications as soon as possible that would guarantee a better level of security for residents of all ages who live in municipalities that are linked by sections of region roads, as is the case in the Canton d’Orford.

Pierre Reid - Deputy for Orford