Majeau and Tardif at Beaulne Museum

C. Majeau  N. Tardif. 2COATICOOK: The Museum Beaulne is pleased to present ‘Être à bout… featuring artists Claude Majeau and Nelson Tardif, on exhibit until September 22, 2013. The official launch took place on Sunday August 11. Claude Majeau and Nelson Tardif hold two different views of the world, but share the same spirit and desire to express their need to engage in life. Two views, two styles, multiple realities in one artistic exhibition – representative of the force behind this project.

A human being, as much in one’s individual as one’s collective dimension, wanders the horizons, sometimes open-minded, sometimes closed-minded, often both at the same time. One struggles to defined oneself, but too frequently finds that they are being defined by others, social standards and the words “it should be this way”. Very often, one finds oneself “Étre à bout’… (At Wits End…) However, there is something more, an alternative by which the hope of the world carries us toward new horizons.

Although very different, the works of Majeau and Tardif are both very challenging; complementing one another, creating a dialogue and a sense of curiosity, making it possible to define issues presented in their work – powerful forces, the use of space and collective amnesia in which one often seeks comfort.

Their artwork reflects each individual path travelled. Majeau, after working 17 years involved with groups concerned with a person’s right to proper housing, has returned to studies in visual and media arts, as a teacher. He remains influenced by the question of life. Finding his path as an author and an instructor later in life, he focuses more towards iconography which depicts his thoughts. His works are less manifested and more like snapshots of the world.

Their works are of average size, sufficient to create a distance without being invasive, but yet a demanding format depicting a repetition of thoughts, particularly in the work of Tardif. If his works are viewed as rather flat, those of Majeau are textured by the accumulation of paper, photographs and maché. A joint exhibition which offers original and touching results.